Monday, August 1, 2016

Internal Playtesting

Hey everyone,

So this post is going to be short, but right now that's actually a good thing.

Last Friday we had our first internal playtesting session. There were a few major bugs, but the core gameplay and turn processing system is up and running. The programming team (Ranger, Steven and myself) have been hammering both of those systems out over the last few weeks and will be bug hunting and adding in the last few core features next week, while Justin and Nick have been working on art assets.  Justin is working on the map and should be putting the finishing touches on the roads and railroads this week. Nick has been hard at work on the iterating the 2D user interface design and we think we've finally started to dial in the UI into something that is both highly functional and intuitive.

Anyway, thanks for checking in. Now its back to work for me...


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