Monday, June 27, 2016

Going Pro

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delays in updating our progress in Clash of Command, but its actually for a very positive reason. Things are really cookin here for us.

We’re very excited to announce to you all that we’re shifting gears from a two man part time team into a full time 5 person dev studio. I’ll introduce each of the new team members in a later post. We also recently moved into our new office in downtown Chico. We’re still settling in, but our new work conditions have greatly improved our internal work flow.

I also wanted to let you all know that we will be doing much more regular Dev Blog posts. The goal is to have 1 new post by a team member every 2 weeks or so, but that might depend on how quickly we progress on CC. I should also note that the dev blog posts will be moving off the forums here and back to the official Mutant Developer Blog (though I’ll be certain to make a note when a new dev blog post goes up)

Anyway that’s the good news for now.

Thanks again for remaining some of the most loyal and understanding strategy gaming fans on the planet.