Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fog of War II

Just popping in to show off the Fog of War system that is being finalized right now

This gif shows the new hex based system in a Duel (1v1) game. The blue units are the USA, the red are CSA and this is the view of the USA player. I think current C63 players will appreciate just how much this will change gameplay. Cavalry will become much more valuable in their traditional role of intelligence gathering.

Well, back to the grindstone for me. We're hard at work here grinding towards our closed Alpha Test, which were happy to report that were pretty darn close to reaching.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What we're up to

Hey Everyone,

Very busy with development, but I realized we had forgotten to update you all for a while, so this will be a relatively short post. Im just going to give a quick snapshot of what we're all working on.

I've been busy creating and implementing a few different pieces of the User Interface. The first is the new Tool Tip system. It functions pretty much how you would expect. When you hover the mouse over key game elements you receive a short message about what it is and how it works. The second is temporary audio assets. We have a few pieces of music that will loop, several different sound effects for clicking on units that will randomly be selected (that way its not the same sfx played over and over), and a few sfx for combats that are also randomly selected. Ive also implemented a Spline system that will draw unit paths in both the planning and review phases. With those items taken care of I've moved into setting up the web side interface for our Closed Alpha test, and re-engineering the quick turn manager with Ranger. For those that don't know, the quick turn manager will allow games to be run as soon as all players have submitted their orders. So if everyone turns their orders in within, say, 10 minutes then the game will automatically run and everyone can play the next turn.

Ranger recently finished the Fog of War feature for the backend, fixed several minor engine bugs and has moved on to the quick turn manager.

Steven has been a whirlwind of feature programming, and has completed a ton of in game features. We have a new unit selected indicator, Fog of War is now hex based and is displaying in the UI, the UI itself has new assets that all have new functionality, and there is a new "unit selected off screen" arrow indicator that will point you back to the location of the unit you currently have selected.

Nick has gone through about 500 different iterations of the User Interface assets. Most of which are new icons for units, orders, planning and review phase icons, dispatch icons, time slider, mini map, chat window... basically many different versions of all the stuff you'll see in game.

Justin has been busy finishing the map terrain, and modeling and rigging the units. There isn't as much in his list mostly because both of those items take a huge amount of time, since we want everything in game to look really really great.

Anyway thats what we've all been working on. Thanks for checking in!

Jeff and the rest of the Mutant Team